At Onassa Springs, we offer an all-inclusive suite of services tailored to fulfill your vision of a luxury home. Our team of expert designers crafts bespoke living spaces, while our skilled builders bring those visions to life with meticulous craftsmanship. In addition, we provide flexible financing options, ensuring your dream home becomes an attainable reality.


Experience elegance and allure with our design services at Onassa Springs. Meticulously curated spaces blend luxury and functionality, elevating your home to extraordinary living experiences. Discover bespoke beauty today.


Transforming architectural brilliance into reality, our building services showcase precision, dedication and unparalleled craftsmanship. From groundbreaking to final touches, we bring your dream luxury home to life.


Realize your dream luxury home with ease through our flexible financing options. Let our seamless and tailored solutions pave the way to owning the epitome of elegance and comfort. Embrace a life of opulence today!

Latest Projects

Introducing our latest masterpiece in Ottawa – an original 4000+ sqft marvel, adorned with stunning marble facades. With two master bedrooms, a 3-car garage, a corner office, and state-of-the-art energy footprints, it embodies our exceptional design and building prowess, combining timeless elegance and modern innovation. Discover luxury living redefined in this extraordinary residence, a testament to our unrivaled capabilities.